Buddy The Butterfly

Teaching priceless Christ-centered lessons about the incredible life cycle of the butterfly. 

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Many Blessings!

~Dawn-Marie Woroniak

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“Buddy the Butterfly,” from Christian Faith Publishing author Dawn-Marie Woroniak, is a lovely read that takes readers on a journey of self-discovery and growth as a small, but wonderful, egg begins on a path of destiny.

 Buddy The Butterfly Reviews

A beautiful story of God's creation! This story is well laid out and unfolds the story of the life of a butterfly. Thoughtful scripture references and colorful pictures. Engaging for all ages! ~Michelle 

An engaging and fun story! Buddy the Butterfly is a sweet story for children. Children will relate to Buddy and learn from his challenges and the Bible verses he shares! ~Brian 

For the young and not-so-young alike! A wonderful story to teach the littles about God’s plan and faithfulness AND a reminder for the adults out there too! ~Anonymous 

Beautiful butterfly book! This book walks children through the life cycle of the butterfly using biblical teachings about change and growth! There are a lot of wonderful details and love put into this book and it shows! Makes for a great birthday or Christmas present too! ~Grace

Sweet story! The author has captured the life cycle of a butterfly in a perfect way for young children to understand and relate to God's work. The illustrations are adorable! ~Sue 

Buddy is great! The artwork is fantastic. It is a great salute to Shawn Chrisagis and his drawings. ~Marcia